Types of Leadership Styles: Do Men & Women Use Different Ones

Just as women and men often have different types of leadership styles, they may gain visibility in different ways. Read my Getting Ahead book It will show you both men and women in any workplace to learn how to become more proactive about increasing their visibility.

In today’s workplace, both men and women should be aware of the following points:

• Men are often more geared toward being assertive.

• When women voice ideas, they often don’t get the same level of recognition that men do.

• Women can find a competitive advantage by doing some extra legwork.

Males tend to be more geared toward being assertive, which is why they often model a type of leadership with a more authoritative style. They sometimes have an unfair advantage when it comes to perception, too. Many women can share stories of how a few minutes after they shared a great suggestion in a meeting, a man shared it again and got the credit for it. This may happen partly because of how assertive the man was in presenting the idea, and partly because of how his audience perceives him. Males often have an unfair advantage in the workplace for this reason.

If you’re a woman, the more proactive you can be about making yourself visible, the better. You may have to work harder than most men, but using these tools can help you gain level footing and then surpass your competition. Rather than getting mired in frustration when those moments happen in meetings, commit to taking initiative. Commit to ensuring your own success despite the odds. The road won’t always be easy, and you will experience more of those frustrating moments, but in the long-game, you will win.

Especially in male-dominated environments, it’s important for women to learn how to find a competitive advantage. Working through these challenges may in turn inform a woman’s type of leadership style. One type of strategy that women often use in leading others is transformational leadership, which focuses on listening to and empowering others. This information helps you understand the different types of leadership styles.

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