In this video, I share some women in business statistics that show the inequality of the profitability between businesses owned by women versus men.

The number of women owned companies in the US has grown dramatically, and they create the largest number of jobs. Yet for all the strides women business owners have made, their revenues don’t measure up. Women own 4 out of every 10 businesses but don’t achieve the same financial success that men do.

These women in business statistics illustrate the contribution versus compensation disparity:

• Since 2007, the number of new businesses in the US has
increased by 12%. The number of women owned businesses has
increased by 58%.
• From 2007-2018, employment by all businesses declined by 0.8%,
yet employment by women owned companies ROSE 21%.
• Nearly 90% of businesses owned by women generate less than
$100,000 in revenue.

(Data source: 2018 State of Women-Owned Business Report by American Express and SCORE’S Megaphone of Main Street: Women’s Entrepreneurship, Spring 2018 Report.)

Women are often driven to start businesses out of economic necessity, because there’s a lack of quality job opportunities. They launch companies not to take advantage of the market, but merely to make a living.

Women owned businesses almost never achieve revenues more than $250,000—the figure that triggers exponential financial growth. They miss out on the chance to develop their companies, hire significant numbers of new employees, and increase their own wealth.

What’s our takeaway? We should recognize the positive impact of women owned companies. Let’s look for ways to encourage a more equitable return for the women who are bringing so much to the table.

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