The technology industry talks about gender equality but often does not follow through with action. Alicia Tillman, the Chief Marketing Officer of SAP, aims to change that.

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To drive that change, Alicia looks at open positions across the business to make sure there is a fair gender balance when it comes to filling them. Gender equality also means creating communities for women to talk openly about challenges when trying to build diverse teams and how to invite men to the table to talk about diversity and inclusion. Importantly, diverse teams create a more innovative workplace, which just makes good business sense.

Alicia spends a good portion of her time at SAP mentoring women, building their confidence, and challenging them to apply for leadership roles that they are qualified for, even if they’re not confident they’re ready. Doing so is an important component of employee development and employee growth for women in tech.

Watch the video to hear Alicia’s advice for women looking for upward mobility, and for men who want to help in creating opportunities for women to be leaders in business.



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